1. Radial standard extractor for 20 ½ Dadant frames or 12 Langstroth frames in radial system. By using 4 supplementary wireframes, it can extract 4 Dadant frames or 8 ½ Dadant frames.
The extractor is sold with manually drive head - Apitotal type or with a gearmotor of 110W, 220V, 0-300 rpm in both directions.

2. Radial extractor provided with bottom tank, with a storage capacity of 120 kg honey.

(In section - the inside of the extractor)

3. Radial extractor for 36 ½ Dadant frames or 20 Langstroth frames. Diameter of 86 cm, equipped with a gearmotor of 370W, 230V and fully automated electronic control.

Stainless steel drive head equipped as shown in the side picture.

APITOTAL manufactures and sells the entire range of radial extractors of 36, 42, 54 frames, equipped with motor and reducers, as well as fully automated electronic control.