APITOTAL manufactures from stainless steel and sells the whole range of beekeeping and honey processing tools and equipments:

- "APITOTAL 2010" universal centrifugal extractors of all types and sizes, without frame turning or rotary sense changing, with simoultaneous action of radial, tangential, gravitational, inertial and vacuum forces, reducing the extraction time to only 3 minutes.

- Classical tangential extractors for 3 or 4 full size frames or 6 to 8 half size frames.

- Radial extractors for 20 half size Dadant frames or 12 Langstroth frames or 4 full size frames, respectively 8 half size frames in tangential system.

- Reversible centrifugal extractors for 6 Dadant or Langstroth frames or 12 half size Dadant frames.

All the centrifugal extractors are equipped with stainless steel manual drawing systems and independent braking systems or with drawing systems with electric motors and electronic control.

- Uncapping machines for 200 frames per hour.

- Steam wax extractors for 25 frames, equipped with own electrical steam generators.

- Devices for mixing and liquifying cristallized honey without warming, directly in 50 to 300 Kgs cans.

- Vats for liquifying the honey without warming, directly in cans.

- Devices for honey water content reduction, with 250 Kgs capacity and evaporation surface of about 10 square meters.

- Complete lines for processing, liquifying, homogenizing, filtering and dosing of honey, with containers of 1 to 10 tons.

The APITOTAL containers, built according to an original concept, have a warming surface 50% larger, heat losses towards exterior 40%lesser and ensure the mentaining of the scheduled temperature within ± 1° C limits.

APITOTAL manufactures to order any beekeeping or honey processing equipment.